Fejes Adrienn

Eyelash stylist, trainer

Welcome to my world!

I met the basics of the eyelash extensions at a private beautician-training in Budapest at the end of 2014.

In the summer of 2015 I acquired the doubled like 2D sets building, which was refined later and thanks to discovering a new technique I was able to develop it even more beautiful and durable.

At the beginning of 2016 I got to know the haute e`cole of eyelash extensions the Volume technique.

I only deal with eyelashes extensions. I feel incredibly lucky that my work is my passion.

I especially like the professionalism and I am perfectionist that is reflected in my work. I can say I am obsessed with modeling eyelashes and I take it very seriously!

I took part in my first competition in November 2016, when I got the First place.

A month later in November 2016 I became the Champion of Hungary in Volume Category.

First place in Hungarian Lash Style 2016 Volume 3D - 4D.

Fist place at 25th Beauty Forum Hungary Lash Style 3D – 5D Volume.

I can say I am obsessed with modeling eyelashes and I take what I do very seriously!

I love the light, still rich in natural eyelashes sets which are of high standard and help the working woman`s every day.


I enjoy taking part in professional competitions very much because these events force me to step out of my comfort zone and extend my borders. Thanks to my pursuit of new challenges, I have tried out several live and online championships, too. By a traditional competition dealing with time and the pressure means the biggest challenge, while in the case of online events photographic skills are needed as well. It is another exciting task for me, as the photos have to show up the real quality of my work in a detailed way.

Every competition is different, for example, it is not always allowed to work with my model. But I learn something new from every occasion and get valuable feedback. I’ve been to several competitions abroad where I am usually the only Hungarian contestant.Owing to these experiences, I achieve outstanding results. Fortunately, this year have been very successful for me. I am very proud of being one of the finalists in the World Championship 2018 in Paris, which means, that I am among the five best lash stylists in the world. And later I had the 1st place in Dramatic Volume – the Expert category in the European Championship in Alicante.

A short list of my most important results

  • Expert Category, Begami, June 2017 2nd place in 3-4D Volume Category as an istructor
  • Online Lash Competition, Prague, October 2017 I reached 2nd place in Sexy Lashes category. As a result, I could take place in the 2-day conference of Lash Marathon where eighteen professionals delivered presentations. It was a multicultural event, where I got such experiences and knowledge that I could use later in my everyday work, too. I had the chance for business networking as well.
  • Online Lash Competition, England, December 2017 2nd place in Mega Volume – Expert category. I was given a Special Award by the Dutch member of the professional jury, too.
  • World Championship in Paris, 9-10 April 2018 Having been the only Hungarian contestant, I represented Hungary in Volume category. The jury chose the five finalists from 700 candidates. I am very proud of my result and enjoyed the event very much.
  • European Championship in Alicante, 21-22 April 2018 1st place in Dramatic Volume – Expert category. Beside the European Champion title, I got a special award for the Best Work of the Championship from the Italian and the Australian member of the professional jury.
  • Oscars 2nd edition online competition September 2018. 3rd place
  • December 2018 Lashes Stylist of the year